Samuel Beckett Bridge



Commissioned by Dublin City Council, the Samuel Beckett Bridge (formerly Macken Street Bridge) is one of the two bridges designed by Calatrava, the other being the James Joyce Bridge completed in 2003. The Samuel Beckett Bridge serves as the continuation of an existing street whilst creating a necessary link in the urban axis between Macken Street/Cardiff Lane and Guild Street. This cable-stayed balanced bridge with two unequal spans provides vehicular traffic and pedestrians access crossing the Liffey River. It is also designed to a 90-degree horizontal rotation to free the river channel for water transport crossing the river. The bridge is 124-meter (407 feet) long and 27-meter (89 feet) wide with a single inclined curved pylon in the center, tipped at 46 meters (151 feet) above sea level.


1998 - 2009


Samuel Beckett Bridge


  • British Construction Industry (BCI) Awards 2011
  • National Steel Prize 2010 of the Netherlands
  • Engineering Project of the Year in the 2010 Engineers Ireland