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Reggio Emilia


In October, 2007, an ensemble of three bridges designed by Calatrava was inaugurated in Reggio nellà Emilia, near Bologna in Italy. These bridges are the first phase of a larger project, which will includes a new high-speed railway station and other infrastructure improvement program. Plans for the bridges originated in 2002 when the city of Reggio Emilia invited Calatrava to design a new train station "Stazione Mediopadana" for the TAV (Treno Alta Velocità ) highspeed railway line between Milan and Bologna. In addition, he was also commissioned to create a master plan for the city's outskirt — a fragmented area called Mancasale —, to improve vehicular access and provide an impressive new gateway from the north.


2002 - 2007


Ponte di calatrava
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