WTC Transportation Hub Oculus: #selfie central

Photos and Blog by Rudy King for Portfolio


When an architectural masterpiece inspires droves of people to interact in unusual ways, it’s safe to conclude the space has an appeal that can be felt and seen in people’s wide-eyed expressions.   The WTC Transportation Oculus is the region’s newest masterpiece, with a heartbeat all its own.

There are not many places in New York City where people lay on the ground to take “selfies.” Yet in recent weeks, the Transportation Oculus is turning into one of the hottest “must-see” destinations in the Big Apple, one that soon will likely appear on every tourist’s map or app.

The Oculus has been wowing visitors since its opening on March 3. Locals, domestic and international visitors are flocking to the structure to experience its supreme lighting, breathtaking architecture — and the growing “selfie” phenomenon.

The list of observable public behaviors  includes 360-degree pirouette turns, visitors sitting or laying on the marble floors, videotaping or face-timing on smart phones. Some visitors have been moved to tears.

Perhaps the most popular response is “Wow,” as visitors gaze up through the spine-length wedge of light.


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