A Finalist for the Chicago O’Hare International Airport Expansion Project, Calatrava’s World-class Aviation Concept Features Dramatic Shell-like Roof that Unifies O’Hare’s Central Terminal Area While also Establishing a Singular, Elevated Airport Identity

Calatrava International, an architecture and engineering firm based in Zurich, Switzerland, is strengthening its focus on the UAE market through its regional hub office in Dubai. At the helm of operations in the region is Micael Calatrava, son of starchitect, Dr Santiago Calatrava.

Dubai Creek Tower, the global icon in the heart of the 6 sq km Dubai Creek Harbour, has completed concrete placement for the pile cap two months ahead of scheduled completion. The concrete pouring commenced in September last year and reached over 50 per cent completion in January 2018.

Created by one of the most exciting architects in the world, the Cosenza Bridge is part of a larger urban regeneration project in the region

Nearly two years sine the completion of the Oculus in New York, a new book by Assouline memorializes the soaring transportation hub at Ground Zero.

Samuel Beckett Bridge in Ireland has become icon of Dublin’s urban landscape. The steel superstructure spans the liffey river, connecting vehicular traffic and pedestrians with its slender, cable-stayed configuration, while a single inclined pylon at its center seems to subtly simulate the curvature of a harp.

The foundation work of The Tower at DCH has been completed and work on the anchorages for the stay cables that are an integral part of design and structural support of The Tower has commenced.

Architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava delivered the keynote address in the opening session of the United Nations’ “Gateway Portals to the City: Infrastructure for Sustainable Urbanization” conference, which took place at the UN Headquarters.

The currently most-visited museum in Brazil has been selected for its unique design, use of local resources and innovative exhibits